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The IronWood Preserve: The Exclusive Members-Only Quail & Deer Hunting Preserve
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IronWood Preserve | Florida’s Private Members-Only Quail & Deer Hunting Club
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IronWood Preserve | Private Quail & Deer Hunting on 5,000 acres North Florida’s Suwannee Country
Located on 5,000 acres deep in a pine and hardwood forest between Lake City and Live Oak in North Florida, IronWood Preserve is the perfect setting for a hunting trip and even a corporate retreat.

At IronWood Preserve, we pride ourselves on the peaceful surroundings and the solitude of our preserve. Once your group is settled in the lodge, then the facility becomes yours.  There is no staff on site besides our manager and  chef.

With more than 20 years of experience providing excellent hunting experiences, your hunts will never leave you unsatisfied. We cater to only one group at a time, and a group can consist of anywhere from two to 12 people.
Our facilities are top notch.  Our main hunts are quail & deer hunts. We also offer our facility for the spring turkey season, as well as duck hunting. We have two sporting clay ranges - a five-stand and wobble trap range. There are also opportunities for fishing and hiking. 

The 10,000-square-foot main lodge, which serves the quail-hunting area, is for members only.  Our lake lodge, used for deer hunting, offers many of the same amenities and is in a separate high-fenced 2,000-acre section.

IronWood Preserve | 20 Years of Hunting Experience Providing Mule Drawn Wagon Quail Hunts
IronWood Preserve | 10,000-Square-Foot Quail-Hunting Main Lodge, Serving Members Only
While hunters rest at our lodges, they can enjoy food and a fully stocked bar. The large open areas in the Quail Lodge offers hunters and guest pool tables, poker tables, an outdoor fire pit, indoor fireplace and television. 

We believe the best way to hunt is exclusively;
the IronWood way...
at least that’s
Top-Notch Hunting Facilities...
More than just Accommodations...
The Preserve | 5,000 Acres of Private, family owned Quail & Deer hunting
We do what we can to run things the way
our members want.
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