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Quail Hunting: The Highlight of what we do...
**Quail hunting is for members only, but you can do a quail hunt on a trial basis.  Most traditional quail hunts are one or two days. Quail-hunting season runs from Nov. 1 to March 15.

With our mule-drawn wagons and hunting dogs, we take you to a different place and time.  Along our two-mile course in a pine forest of gentle, rolling hills, you will have an original quail hunting experience of a lifetime.

Typically, our guests arrive in the afternoon and can get in a little skeet shooting.  That is followed by dinner and a relaxing evening in our lodge.  In the morning, there can be more skeet shooting prior to the 9 a.m. start of the hunt that usually lasts three to 3½ hours.  After lunch and relaxation, it's back out to hunt a new course.

Our other styles of hunts are available upon request.
  • Turkey Hunts
  • Duck Hunts
  • Skeet Shooting and more
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Iron-Wood Deer Hunting | 200+ Class Trophy White Tail Deer with no reservation on Size*
Deer hunting is available for both members and non-members.  Most of our bucks classify in the 200+ range. The deer herd is maintained in a 2,000-acre location surrounded by a high fence.  We have been building our herd of white-tail deer since 1996.  This is as close to open-range hunting as you can get.

Deer hunts are generally three days.  Guests stay at the lake lodge for deer hunting.  Hunters usually spend two hours of the early morning in the deer stand, come down for breakfast and then go back for more.  There is also hunting available in the afternoon. 

**While deer-hunting season runs from Sept. 1 to March 15, the best time of year for deer hunting is from Sept. 1 to Nov. 15.
IronWood Deer Hunting
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